Timeline: July 1, 2002

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Series of events leading up to Lisa's "disappearance"
June 30, 2002

  • Lisa visits with her parents and shares a beer with her dad.[1]
  • She returns home (right next door) for a quick bath[2] then gets dressed, all in black.[3]
  • It's her friend Dallas' 23rd birthday[4] and they'd promised to party together on each other's birthdays (as they had on May 5th for Lisa's 21st birthday).[5]
  • Lisa and Dallas meet up and together go downtown to The Jungle Cabaret[6], at 241 Skinner Street.[7]
  • As they arrive, a group of Lisa's friends are just leaving.[8]
  • A conversation takes place about the bar being slower than expected for a long weekend.[9]
  • Chris Adair (so far unknown to the group) joins in the conversation, talking about a big party.[6]
  • The group of friends leaves.[6] The conversation continues, resulting in Lisa [hesitantly] and Dallas [excitedly] agreeing to go to the party.[8] [see video below]
July 1, 2002

  • Lisa enters the bar alone.[6]
  • Lisa socializes with various friends, for an hour.[10]
  • Adair sends Dallas into the bar repeatedly to check on her.[10]
  • Lisa and Dallas leave the bar[10] in the mint-condition Jaguar XJ-40[11] driven by Adair.[1] to the party at 827 Nanaimo Lakes Road.[7]
  • The 3 get back in the Jaguar[12] and drive (another 7 minutes)[13]
  • Adair offers to buy food for the group, if Lisa will come along to help him.[8]
  • Lisa is seen getting back into the Jaguar with Adair.[14]
  • Dallas stays at the party to await Lisa's return.[15][8]
  • Lisa calls Dallas, upset, "He won't bring me back, I'm getting pissed off."[16]
  • A little later a text message, "Come get me, they won't let me leave."[17]
  • Lisa's cellphone stopped functioning (eg., shut off or destroyed).[18]
  • Her cell provider later reported the phone's last known location was the Departure Bay area.[18]
  • Lisa's mother calls Nanaimo RCMP to report Lisa's disappearance.[19]
  • RCMP refuse to accept the report, advising to call back in 48 hours.[20]
  • After several calls from Lisa's parents, an officer finally attended, to pick up a photo of Lisa.[21]
  • The attending officer then went on 5 scheduled days off.[22]



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