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"Lisa's List of Fifty":   50+ ways the official investigation was mishandled

  1. RCMP: "Call back in 48 hours"
  2. RCMP: "Call back in 5 days"
  3. RCMP didn't "suspect foul play" for 10 days
  4. RCMP ignored neighbours' report of burial
  5. RCMP failed to question bar patrons or Lisa’s friends
  6. RCMP failed to obtain security camera recordings
  7. RCMP failed to check for bank account activity
  8. RCMP failed to check cellphone records
  9. RCMP failed to proactively publicize Lisa's case
  10. RCMP failed to seize the Jaguar before steam-cleaning
  11. RCMP adamantly insisted "Lisa was never there"
  12. RCMP: "Crime Stoppers no longer makes re-enactments"
  13. RCMP warned Lisa's parents for seeking answers on their own
  14. RCMP threatened Lisa's parents with criminal charges
  15. RCMP dissuaded Lisa's parents from hiring a Private Investigator
  16. RCMP formally "cut off" Lisa's parents from information about their daughter's case
  17. RCMP told Lisa's mother to hug Adair
  18. RCMP consistently failed to maintain contact with Lisa's parents
  19. RCMP failed to provide support or guidance for Lisa's family
  20. RCMP failed to respond to questions raised about Lisa's case at the MMIWG Inquiry
  21. RCMP broke own policy with intra-provincial transfer of Adair
  22. Fraud charge "disappeared" during RCMP transfer of Adair
  23. Remarkable RCMP lenience with Adair despite recidivism
  24. RCMP released Adair immediately upon transfer
  25. RCMP inexplicably questioned Adair in town with possible conflict of interest
  26. RCMP released Adair despite lack of explanation of Lisa's whereabouts
  27. Assaulting RCMP officer plus prior assaults got Adair only 1 day of jail
  28. Lisa had been missing 80 days before the RCMP's first ground search
  29. Search was delayed 18 days due to RCMP prioritization of simple 2 day case
  30. RCMP's first search was focused more on officer training than on Lisa
  31. RCMP staffing issues prevented additional searches for Lisa
  32. RCMP lied about how often they searched for Lisa
  33. RCMP lied about planned searches for Lisa
  34. 34-51. RCMP misinformed Crime Stoppers for re-enactment
    1. Re-enactment: "Lisa was at various nightclubs"
    2. Re-enactment: "Lisa & her friends entered"
    3. Re-enactment: "stayed until closing, left at 2:30"
    4. Re-enactment: "after close, she talked with several friends"
    5. Re-enactment: "Lisa's friend struck up a conversation"
    6. Re-enactment: "older model Red Jaguar"
    7. Re-enactment: "gladly accepted his offer"
    8. Re-enactment: "the 5 of them"
    9. Re-enactment: "Westwood Lake area"
    10. Re-enactment: "Lisa was hungry"
    11. Re-enactment: "last time anyone has ever seen Lisa"
    12. Re-enactment: "reported missing several days later"
    13. Re-enactment: "exhaustive search by Nanaimo RCMP"
    14. Re-enactment: "call Crime Stoppers"
    15. Re-enactment: "Missing since: June 30th, 2002"
    16. Re-enactment: depiction of Lisa's outfit
    17. Re-enactment: depiction of Adair
    18. Re-enactment: depiction of Lisa's friends
  35. 52-59. RCMP dossier inaccuracies
    1. RCMP dossier: Incorrect dates
    2. RCMP dossier: "not been seen or heard from"
    3. RCMP dossier: "Lisa and her acquaintances"
    4. RCMP dossier: Key details about Lisa's outfit missing/wrong
    5. RCMP dossier: "Complexion: Other"
    6. RCMP dossier: Mysterious/false recent updates
    7. RCMP dossier: "contact investigators directly"
    8. RCMP dossier: Spelling/grammar mistakes
  36. RCMP's improper GPR usage rendered scan useless
  37. RCMP misled the public: "Police Dog" vs Cadaver Dog
  38. Lead investigator: "RCMP no longer works with Crime Stoppers"
  39. RCMP manipulatively misrepresented Supreme Court privacy ruling
  40. RCMP interference made large private reward unattainable
  41. RCMP disorganization with Makayla Chang murder revealed connection to Lisa's case
  42. RCMP silenced attempts to raise awareness of truth about Lisa's murder

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