Fraud charge "disappeared" during RCMP transfer of Adair



A Fraud charge which was filed against Adair "disappeared" during his transfer from Kamloops to Nanaimo, before he was questioned about Lisa's disappearance.


A Fraud charge against Adair "disappeared" during his transfer from Kamloops to Nanaimo (Monday, July 22, 2002), just before he was questioned in Parksville about Lisa's disappearance (Tuesday, July 23, 2002).[1]

  • Kamloops RCMP arrested Adair on unrelated charges outstanding from a year prior. (Theft + Fraud)
  • Kamloops Court transferred 2 charges "out" to Nanaimo. (Theft + Fraud)
  • Nanaimo Court transferred only 1 charge "in" from Kamloops. (Theft)
  • There is no further mention of the Fraud charge in court records.

Partial Criminal History of Christopher Adair[1][2]
Location File # Date Offence(s) Result
Kamloops BC 70190 Jun 27, 2001 Theft + Fraud ← Offences Committed[1]
Qualicum Beach BC Jul 1, 2002 Borrowed Grandma Adair's Jaguar[3][4][5]
Nanaimo BC Jul 1, 2002 Last person seen with Lisa[6][7][8]
Kamloops BC 70190 Jul 20, 2002 Theft + Fraud Released on Bail[1][9]
Kamloops BC 70190 Jul 22, 2002 Theft + Fraud Arrest/Transferred in-province[1]
Nanaimo BC 52618 Jul 22, 2002 Theft Released on Bail[1][9]
Parksville BC Jul 23, 2002 Questioned about Lisa's disappearance[10]
Nanaimo BC 52618 Jul 24, 2002 Theft Guilty: 3mo Conditional Sentence[1][11]
Yorkton SK 52699 Aug 23, 2002 Assault Police Officer ← Offence Committed[1][4][12]

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