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A non-exhaustive list of podcasts about Lisa Young's disappearance.
Podcast No. Episode Title
& Source Link
Release Date Duration Listen now: Location
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Casefile 26 Case 26: Lisa Marie Young July 26 2016 22m Australia
Casefile 26b Case 26: Lisa Marie Young - Update Dec 23 2016 5m Australia
True Crime Files The Disappearance of Lisa Marie Young June 17 2018 8m Ontario Canada
My Pet Albatross Missing: Lisa Marie Young MMIWG July 11 2018 15m (video
BC Canada
True Crime Charlie True Crime: The Case of Lisa Marie Young July 18 2019 9m (video
Island Crime s1e01 Who is Lisa Marie Young? May 18 2020 42m BC Canada
Island Crime s1e02 Searching for Lisa May 22 2020 45m BC Canada
Island Crime s1e03 Searching for Lisa May 22 2020 40m BC Canada
Stolen Sisters 2 Lisa Marie Young May 24 2020 26m BC Canada
Gone 33 Missing: Lisa Marie Young, etc. May 25 2020 38m BC Canada
Island Crime s1e04 Justice for Lisa? May 28 2020 32m BC Canada
Island Crime s1e05 Laura Palmer May 28 2020 38m BC Canada
Island Crime s1e06 Justice for Lisa? May 28 2020 30m BC Canada
Island Crime

s1e07 A Witness & One that got away June 26 2020 46m BC Canada
Island Crime

s1e08 The RCMP Break Their Silence June 26 2020 50m BC Canada
Island Crime

Update: 2020 Summer of Hope Aug 19 2020 25m BC Canada
Whose Crime is it Anyway? 16 Vanished: Disappearance of Lisa Marie Young Sept 4 2020 31m Minnesota USA
Whose Crime is it Anyway? 31 Case Update: Lisa Marie Young Dec 28 2020 27m Ontario Canada
Island Crime s1e09 Bob's Story Jan 21 2021 33m Ontario Canada
Jack Shit Show Trauma Bonded Feb 4 2021 68m Alberta Canada
Night Time Podcast Disappearance of Lisa Young w/ Laura Palmer Mar 8 2021 65m NS Canada
MetaPod 18 Laura Palmer of Island Crime May 5 2021 55m Netherlands & UK
Podcast by Proxy Lisa Marie Young: BC Unsolved July 12 2021 70m Ontario Canada
Sandra Crime & Coffee Time The Disappearance of Lisa Marie Young July 17 2021 21m Ontario Canada
True North, True Crime 30 MMIWG: Lisa Marie Young Aug 9 2021 57m Norway
Murder Murder News 30 Where is Lisa Marie Young? Sept 10 2021 65m Quebec Canada
Crimelines 171 Lisa Marie Young MMIW Sept 27 2021 50m Missouri USA
Missing Persons 37 Lisa Marie Young Oct 2 2021 50m Florida USA
Vancouver True Crime Dark & Disturbing Case of Lisa Marie Young Oct 7 2021 86m BC Canada
True Crime Cat Lawyer 36 Lisa Marie Young Jan 27 2022 23m Oregon USA
Dark Poutine 206 MMIW: Nanaimo Girl Gone: Lisa Marie Young Feb 6 2022 83m BC Canada
Grisly Grapes 31 The Disappearance of Lisa Marie Young Feb 7 2022 70m New York USA
Gone, But Never Forgotten 35 Disappearance of Lisa Marie Young Mar 1 2022 33m (video
Island Crime s1e10 Red Jag Guy #1 June 21 2022 49m BC Canada
Island Crime s1e11 Red Jag Guy #2 June 28 2022 64m BC Canada
Island Crime s1e12 Hornets' Nest Nov 29 2022 50m BC Canada
Missing in the PNW Lisa Marie Young Nov 30 2022 38m Washington USA
A Million Other Choices Special - Lisa Marie Young Mar 28 2023 41m Alberta Canada
Serial Napper Lisa Marie Young: Chilling Text for Help Apr 27 2023 23m Ontario Canada
Booked Bagged & Tagged 121 Lisa Marie Young MMIW May 14 2023 48m United States
Murder in the Mountains Family's Pursuit for Truth: Story of Lisa Young Sept 25 2023 35m USA
Generation Why 541 Lisa Marie Young Oct 22 2023 69m Missouri USA
Island Crime s1e13 Hot Tub Time Machine Feb 5 2023 35m BC Canada
Island Crime s1e14 Speak Up or Shut Up Nov 24 2023 58m BC Canada
44 podcasts listed, about 33 hours total listening time