RCMP adamantly insisted "Lisa was never there"

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Several people stated they saw Lisa at the house party on Nanaimo Lakes Road — yet RCMP adamantly insisted that "Lisa was never there."


[Lisa's dad believes went to a party on Nanaimo Lakes Road. We hear she went to that party; they (the police) say she wasn't there.
Nanaimo Daily News, May 29, 2003 (Paul Walton)[1]

On Canada Day long weekend, the multi-day houseparty on Nanaimo Lakes Road saw hundreds of people coming and going, day and night, from Friday night to Monday morning. Several people said they saw Lisa at the party.[1]

However, RCMP insisted that Lisa was never there.[2]

In fact, that was the only thing that RCMP have ever claimed to know "for sure" about Lisa's disappearance, and was their official stance until 2020 when their actions contradicted their prior confidence by performing multiple searches of the property.[3]

This raises several questions, such as:

  1. Why were investigators previously so adamant that she wasn't there?'
  2. What happened around 2020 to change their mind?

Incidentally, Lisa is buried at that property, but nobody's checked the right spot: precisely N49​.​14502 W123​.​97504.


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