Search was delayed 18 days due to RCMP prioritization of simple 2 day case

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18 days of the 80-day delay before the RCMP's first search for Lisa was due to an unrelated shooting which took 2 days to solve.


Searches by family

Nanaimo RCMP to begin ground search for woman
Vancouver Sun, Sept 14, 2002[1]
was delayed after Sept 1 shooting … investigators pulled off Lisa's case
Nanaimo Daily News, Sept 10, 2002 (Paul Walton)[2]

Ground searches by Lisa's family started almost immediately after her "disappearance".

Lisa's grandfather, Moses Martin, Tribal Chief of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation and members of the tribal council's search and rescue team travelled from Meares Island (near Tofino), organizing dozens of searches by family members, friends, and others.[3] "We have to follow up on anything that we can get," said Chief Martin.[4]

The Tla-o-qui-aht also offered a $11,500 reward for information. "Her disappearance has touched people across Vancouver Island." He has organized search parties from Coombs to Tofino following leads garnered from tips, hunches and psychics. "We check everything out."[5]

Searches by RCMP

Unrelated shooting

Centis arrested at home 2 blocks from the police station, 2 days after [shooting his wife], as his daughter watched.
Vancouver Sun, Sept 4, 2002 (Jim Beatty)[6]

The first official search related to Lisa's disappearance was originally planned for the end of August 2002, but it was delayed due to the shooting of Rosella Centis[2], a Nanaimo woman who was shot:

  • in the afternoon,
  • at a gas station [on camera],
  • by her husband,
  • witnessed by their daughter.[6]

The husband was then arrested:

  • without incident,
  • less than 48 hours later,
  • at home — 2 blocks from the police station."[6]

RCMP told the media that it was because of the ["open & shut", 2-day] Centis investigation, that Lisa's search (the 1st by RCMP) was delayed an additional 18 days, which finally took place 80 days after Lisa's disappearance.[2]

Media articles relevant to Rosella Centis & Lisa Young investigations
Nanaimo Daily News Thu July 25, 2002 RCMP: "We've received well over 100 to 150 tips on the case."[4]
Nanaimo Daily News Wed Sep 4, 2002 "Husband now charged in fatal Sunday shooting"[6]
Nanaimo Daily News Tue Sep 10, 2002
  • "Police will conduct a search ... in the days ahead"
  • "Police got the tip in August" [search delayed by Labour Day weekend]
  • Search was then delayed after the Sept 1st shooting of Rosella Centis.
  • "A suspect [Rosella's husband] was arrested Sept 3rd"[2]
Vancouver Sun Sat Sep 14, 2002 "Nanaimo RCMP will begin conducting land searches Tuesday"[1]
Vancouver Province Tue Sep 17, 2002 [Search is] "planned for Tuesday morning"[7]
Nanaimo Daily News Wed Sep 18, 2002 "Tuesday police were obviously looking for a body as they searched a wooded area south of Nanaimo"[8]
Globe & Mail Mon Jan 10, 2005
  • Shooting was witnessed by daughter at a gas station [on camera]
  • in broad daylight
  • Husband was arrested within 2 days[9]

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