Lisa had been missing 80 days before the RCMP's first ground search



Lisa had been missing for 80 days before the RCMP first attempted a ground search.


Chief Moses Martin organized search parties from Coombs to Tofino following leads garnered from tips, hunches and psychics.
Vancouver Province, Sept 2, 2002 (Jason Proctor)[1]
Police will search for Lisa in the days ahead … was delayed after Sept 1 shooting … investigators pulled off Lisa's case … arrested Sept 3
Nanaimo Daily News, Sept 10, 2002 (Paul Walton)[2]
police appear to be no closer… despite numerous tips. We've received well over 100 to 150 tips on the case.
Nanaimo Daily News, July 25, 2002 (Nelson Bennett)[3]
The search began around 9am and ended before noon.
Nanaimo Daily News, Sept 18, 2002 (Paul Walton)[4]

Lisa was gone for 80 days before the 1st RCMP search.

In September 2002, RCMP performed their first ground search in the case, in the Biggs Road/Doumont Road area, based on a tip received in August 2002 (while their “Person of Interest” happened to be jailed (also on Biggs Road).[5]


The search involved nearly 20 RCMP members, reportedly doubling as a training session, beginning with instruction on the various states of decomposition of organic matter. Officers were onsite from 9:30 to Noon, including setup, teardown, and breaks.[7]

Apparently unsatisfied with RCMP effort with the search, the family later searched the same area again.[8]

The search was originally planned for September 2, but it was delayed due to the shooting of Rosella Centis, a Nanaimo woman who was shot in the afternoon, at a gas station, by her husband, witnessed by their daughter and caught on security cameras. The husband was arrested less than 48 hours later, yet police stated this was the reason for the search (RCMP's 1st for Lisa) being further delayed until September 18, which was 79 days after her disappearance.

Neither search revealed any sign of Lisa.

Makayla Chang's body located at Colliery Dam Park
Global News, May 18, 2017 (Yuliya Talmazan)[9]

Compared to police, Lisa's family & Tla-o-qui-aht Search & Rescue put roughly 150x as much time into searches. Up to 30 volunteers drove 3 hours from Tofino to continue searches, weekly for about a year.

RCMP received 150+ tips in the first month, yet none led to any official searches.

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