RCMP dossier: "Lisa and her acquaintances"

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The dossier states that Lisa was meeting several males and that she left for the party with multiple people. Neither is true. Besides Dallas, all of her many friends at the bar were female. Also, only Dallas and Lisa went with the driver to the party.

Details Matter!
While individual issues may seem trivial on their own, together, they are demonstrative of the overall carelessness and apathy with which the investigation was handled.
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Dossier Description excerpt
pre-2022 "She went to a local bar, and met some male acquaintances after the bar closed.
She and her acquaintances accepted a ride…"
as of 2022 "Lisa travelled to a local bar, and met with some acquaintances.
Lisa and her acquaintances accepted a ride…."

These are both wrong.

  • Lisa did not "meet male acquaintances after the bar closed". She and Dallas met some female friends upon arrival at the bar, and a then-unknown male joined the conversation and invited them to the party. (What an oddly-specific "mistake" to make.)
  • It was only Lisa and Dallas who went with the driver to the party — not multiple "acquaintances".
  • The "friends" whom Lisa had met at the bar consisted of a large group entirely female.
  • The group of friends who were leaving just as Lisa and Dallas arrived were also entirely female.

clip from official RCMP dossier for Lisa Marie Young
Clipping from RCMP Dossier for Lisa Marie Young (Dec 2022)[1]

Incidentally, Lisa did not want to go to the party. At the bar she said she wanted to get home and go to sleep, as she had a "big week ahead" but by 1:00am she felt obligated to go to the party for a little while since she'd "made the guys wait so long".

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