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In law, a dossier is defined as:

a well-organized and meaningful collection of information compiled for a specific purpose, such as a legal case or investigation.[1]
official RCMP dossier for Lisa Marie Young (thumbnail).
Official RCMP Dossier: Lisa Marie Young[2]

Research shows that the accuracy of recorded/reported details significantly impacts the outcome of an investigation.[3]

Dossiers published on the RCMP's website include printable "official" missing persons posters for over 2,000 cases[4] — but Lisa's stands out from the rest.[2]

A recent study of the accuracy of police records in missing persons cases found:[5]

  • 23% of the cases contained 1 discrepancy.
  • 3% contained 2 discrepancies.
  • None contained more than 2 discrepancies/errors.

Lisa's dossier contains at least 8 errors/discrepancies, even though it's been edited several times in recent years. In fact, investigators were provided with a list of these mistakes, however, a subsequent edit of the document showed no corrections made — but new misinformation was added.[6]

As a result, Lisa's "official" dossier could be described as “mostly wrong”.

There are several versions of Lisa's dossier saved on (Index of archives) — the most significant changes were in 3 updates:

List of issues with Lisa's dossier

More information about the issues with Lisa's "official" dossier can be found below:

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