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In 2020, the RCMP's official dossier for Lisa's case was updated to add an unusual, unprecedented instruction to potential tipsters.

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All of the 2,500+ dossiers published on the RCMP's website include instructions for potential tipsters, listing multiple methods of reporting information.[1] The page "footer" lists contact information for:

  • the relevant RCMP detachment (along with the case number),
  • Crime Stoppers (for anonymous tips)[2], and,
  • the National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains.

Lisa's dossier includes this information, but around 2020 the dossier's written description was modified with reference to the "nature of this investigation" and advising callers only to contact RCMP investigators directly (thereby implying that tips should not be reported anonymously).[3]

In 2022, the description was again edited to include wording about the Nanaimo RCMP Serious Crime Unit (which is the office of the Lead Investigator assigned to Lisa's case).[4]

History of contact instructions provided on RCMP's official dossier for Lisa's case
Date of change Contact instructions Clip from archived dossier Archived copies
(up to 2019)[5]
Contact RCMP or Crime Stoppers
(Standard contact instructions)
2019: Jun 26
approx 2020[3] "Due to the nature of this investigation, Nanaimo RCMP requests that anyone with information contact them directly."
2021: Aug 13
2022: Feb 15 May 28 Jun 15
June 2022 "HTTP Error 403 - Access Forbidden"
2022: Jun 5
Nov 2022 — present[4] "Police request that anyone with information contact them directly."
2022: Nov 21 Dec 20
2023: Jan 1 Jan 19 Apr 15 May 6 Jun 9 Jul 14 Aug 1 Oct 6 Nov 14

Some have wondered about the mysterious '"nature of this investigation" to which investigators refer in the 2020 update. There are no other published dossiers for any other case which include a similar statement.

There are also no other dossiers which clearly dissuade potential tipsters from contacting Crime Stoppers.[1]

The time frame of these edits aligns with when the Lead Investigator began advising callers and Lisa's family members that "RCMP no longer works with Crime Stoppers" while blaming Supreme Court ruling R. v. Leipert.[6]

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