RCMP dossier: Mysterious/false recent updates

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There have recently been mysterious, untrue/misleading updates to the RCMP's official dossier for Lisa's case. Did investigators receive new information, or is this an attempt at distraction?

Details Matter!
While individual issues may seem trivial on their own, together, they are demonstrative of the overall carelessness and apathy with which the investigation was handled.
→ See the overview of RCMP dossier inaccuracies.


In 2022 a lot of information was changed or added to the RCMP's official dossier for Lisa's case. One line in particular raises many questions:

"Subsequently, Lisa left with this male driver to get some food, but communicated to her acquaintances that she would be returning to them via taxi.[1]

clip from official RCMP dossier for Lisa Marie Young
Clipping from RCMP Dossier for Lisa Marie Young (Dec 2022)[1]
There was no record of a taxi.
Ha-Shilth-Sa, June 24, 2019 (Eric Plummer)[2]

This scenario doesn't make sense, and is not reported anywhere other than this one mention of it, added to the dossier 2022.

This isn't logical[3]

  • Adair had offered to buy food for the group, if Lisa could come to help him with it.[4]
    • Therefore, the group (including Lisa) understood that she and Adair would be returning to the party (in the car, with the purchased food).
    • Dallas was waiting at the party for Lisa to return.[5]
  • Lisa had plans to move into a new apartment, just a few hours later[6] — and hours earlier, at The Jungle, she communicated that she was tired and wanted to go home.
    • If she didn't have to return to the party to carry food for the group, and she was going to take a taxi, why would she not just take the taxi home?
  • To which "acquaintances" did Lisa "communicate" this plan?
    • How come none of her friends recall this detail?
    • Why has this detail never been mentioned in the media before now?
    • Why was 2022 the right time for this information to be added to the dossier?
      • While adding this to the dossier, why not bother correcting any of the many mistakes?

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