RCMP inexplicably questioned Adair in town with possible conflict of interest

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RCMP inexplicably questioned Chris Adair not in Nanaimo, Kamloops, or Qualicum Beach, but in Parksville — a town with no tie to the case, but with a possible conflict of interest due to Adair's family history.


Bill Kurtz Obituary
Bill Kurtz (Chris Adair's grandfather) was formerly Alderman and Mayor of Parksville
Today in Business, June 12, 2003[1]

Adair was questioned about his involvement in Lisa's disappearance at the Parksville RCMP detachment.[2][3][4]

Oddly, Nanaimo RCMP did not question Adair in Nanaimo (where Lisa was last seen), Qualicum Beach (where Adair's grandparents — and the Jaguar in which Lisa was last seen — resided), or Kamloops (where Adair was arrested).

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Adair's grandfather (with whom Adair was staying at the time) was a former Mayor of Parksville.[1][5] Depending on the mayor's involvement with the police force, this could be considered a "conflict of interest".[6][7][8]

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There is more to this story, much of it available online with the lisamarieyoung.ca search page, or within Lisa's Wikipedia page, the 100's of media articles and dozens of privately-produced podcasts discussing Lisa's "disappearance".

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