RCMP released Adair immediately upon transfer

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RCMP released Adair immediately after RCMP transferred him (and his charges) from Kamloops to Nanaimo.


After his transfer (in police custody) from Kamloops back to Nanaimo, Adair was immediately released — two days before his court appearance on the (unrelated) charges[1] for which he was arrested/transferred, and also prior to questioning about Lisa's disappearance.[2][3]

He returned to his grandparent's home in Qualicum Beach.[4][5] It may have been at this point that the Jaguar was steam cleaned.[3]

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There is more to this story, much of it available online with the lisamarieyoung.ca search page, or within Lisa's Wikipedia page, the 100's of media articles and dozens of privately-produced podcasts discussing Lisa's "disappearance".

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