RCMP threatened Lisa's parents with criminal charges

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RCMP threatened to charge Lisa's parents with Obstruction of Justice for their actions in digging for answers about their daughter's disappearance.


Two officers from the Nanaimo detachment showed up at their house, warning Don they would charge him with obstruction of justice if pursued media coverage.
Ha-Shilth-Sa, August 14, 2003 (Ruth Olgilvie)[1]

"Two officers from the Nanaimo detachment showed up at their house, warning Don they would charge him with Obstruction of Justice if he pursued media coverage. RCMP said that did not want the Young's 'interfering with the integrity of the RCMP'".[1]

Separately, the Jaguar driver's grandmother threatened to sue both the RCMP and Lisa's parents.[2]

Lisa's parents learned the identity of the driver when investigators brought Lisa's mother to Parksville RCMP detachment to take part in their questioning of the driver.[3][4]


Joanne was warned… on RCMP letterhead for telling one Nanaimo paper about the man who was taken into custody then released.
Ha-Shilth-Sa, August 14, 2003 (Ruth Olgilvie)[1]
The new [posters] would name the driver. RCMP ahead the Youngs not to do this. Last January the Youngs went ahead anyway.
Times Colonist, April 4, 2004 (Jim Gibson)[5]
At one time her husband began e-mailing the grandparent, until he was warned off by the RCMP.
Times Colonist, April 4, 2004 (Jim Gibson)[5]
They were basically cut off from receiving further details from the RCMP.
Calgary Herald, April 18, 2004 (Jim Gibson)[3]

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