Remarkable RCMP lenience with Adair despite recidivism



Police and the courts were remarkably lenient with Adair especially considering his history of recidivism with thefts, frauds and assaults.


Recidivism is defined as the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend. Criminmal patterns demonstrating recidivism are generally penalized by the courts with increasing severe sentences.

Two months before meeting Lisa, Adair was released from jail where he'd spent 10 months for Theft and Assault.[1]

Chris Adair's known convictions (see also: Adair's criminal record)
Offense committed Conviction Sentence
pre-2000 Assault(s) in Alberta pre-2000 Assault(s) (unknown)
Apr 24, 2000 Credit Card Fraud Mar 13, 2002 Credit Card Fraud Fine $500
Apr 27, 2001 Fraud x 2 Oct 10, 2001 Fraud x 2 Jail 9 months
Oct 3, 2001 Assault (in Fraud trial) Apr 10, 2002 Assault Jail 1 month
Jun 27, 2001 Theft Jul 24, 2002 Theft CSO 90 days 40 days Jail
Jun 27, 2001 Fraud Fraud disappears no punishment
Aug 23, 2002 Assault of Peace Officer Oct 11, 2002 Assault of Peace Officer Jail 1 day
Aug 23, 2002 Breach of CSO Breach disappears no punishment

After Adair's fraud charge disappeared, the remaining charge of Theft earned him a sentence of only a 3-month CSO despite a long list of related prior convictions & incarcerations.[1]

A CSO is a "Conditional Sentence Order". All CSO's have 2 mandatory conditions:[2]

  1. "Keep the peace" (meaning, "don't break any more laws"), and,
  2. Don't leave the province.

However, 30 days into the 90-day order, he broke both of those conditions when he assaulted a police officer in Saskatchewan.[1][3][4] He was sentenced to 1 day in jail.[1]

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