RCMP dossier: "not been seen or heard from"

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The dossier says that after Lisa left with the driver to get food, she was never seen or heard from again.

This is not true. Lisa placed a significant phone call and sent an ominous text message.

Details Matter!
While individual issues may seem trivial on their own, together, they are demonstrative of the overall carelessness and apathy with which the investigation was handled.
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Dossier Description excerpt
pre-2022 "Lisa Marie Young was last seen…"
"Her friends and family have not heard from her since…"
as of 2022 "She has not been seen or heard from since."[2]

These are both wrong.

  • Lisa was obviously seen and heard by the driver (whom she was sitting next to, in the car).[3][4]
  • Dallas heard from Lisa when she called him.[5][6]
  • Dallas heard from Lisa again when she texted him.[7]
  • While undocumented, Lisa was also subsequently seen and heard by other persons.

"Sure enough it's Lisa on her cell phone", said Hulley at the time. "She goes 'Dallas, I don't know what's going on. This guy won't bring me back. We're sitting in a driveway on Bowen Road and he won't bring me back.' She says, 'I'm bored. I'm getting pissed off." Police believe Young met with foul play and are still investigating her disappearance. I want to bash my knuckles against the cement, Hulley said in 2002."
Dallas Hulley interview recorded August 2002.
CHEK News, Mar 26, 2018 (Kendall Hanson)[5] (video)
chilling last text message Come get me, they won't let me leave.
Toronto Star, August 6, 2016 (Verity Stevenson)[7]
clip from official RCMP dossier for Lisa Marie Young
Clipping from RCMP Dossier for Lisa Marie Young (Dec 2022)[2]

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