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Lisa had not been seen or heard from since about 4am on Canada Day, July 1, 2002.

Repeated contact with the RCMP over the next three days failed to garner a response or any action.[1][2]

Nothing's come up that would suggest foul play, we just don't know where she is. Const. Murray Conway [anim gif]
Nanaimo Daily News, July 4, 2002 (Paul Walton)[1]

On July 4th, 2002 the Nanaimo Daily News published a statement from Nanaimo RCMP (Cst. Murray Conway): “Nothing's come up that would suggest foul play, we just don't know where she is.”[1]

11 reasons to suspect "foul play"

  1. Calls to Lisa's cellphone were going straight to voicemail. Lisa had never before shut her phone off, and she'd always kept it charged.[1] She purchased the phone specifically so her parents could always reach her.[3]
  2. None of Lisa's many friends knew her current whereabouts[4] but several reported seeing her leave with an unknown man driving an expensive car.[5]
  3. "He won't bring me back." — The last time Lisa's friends heard from her, she was "getting pissed off" at the driver (when she called Dallas around 3:30am). [6]
  4. "They won't let me leave." — Lisa's final communication was an ominous text message.[7]
  5. Lisa missed plans to move into her new apartment[8] which she'd made with her dad[1] and some of her friends.[9].
  6. Lisa missed her first day of training for a job[10][11] she'd been eager to start[12].
  7. All of this was entirely unlike Lisa.[1][13] She'd always been very responsible and punctual.[14]
  8. Lisa's bank account was untouched since her "disappearance", even though it had money in it.[15]
  9. Lisa's cellphone stopped functioning, soon after her final ominous text message, which was traced to the Departure Bay area.[16]
  10. "What looked like a body in a hammock" and then, "equipment moving a lot of soil around" in the backyard of 827 Nanaimo Lakes Road — as reported to RCMP by a neighbour of the houseparty.[17]
  11. Over 100 tips were called in to the RCMP within a week of Lisa's father's coworkers distributing "missing" posters across the island.[18][14]

It was not reported until July 10th that police finally stated that they "suspect foul play".[1][19][20] (Once they did, the story immediately spread to news agencies across the province.)[19][20]

Around July 20th, police located Chris Adair — the man Lisa with whom Lisa was last seen. Around the 22nd he was questioned about Lisa's disappearance.[21][22]

Several days later the Jaguar was seized for forensic inspection. It was discovered that the car had already been thoroughly steam-cleaned.[23][24]

Sometime in August, investigators received a tip which they determined warranted a search[8] of an outdoor area (near the prison where Chris Adair was being held on unrelated charges).[22][21] Police intended to begin the search at the start of September.[8]

The search was delayed until September 17 — eighty days after Lisa's disappearance.[22] Eighteen days of the delay was due to investigators being pulled off of Lisa's case to work on an "open and shut" daytime shooting[8] which was solved within 48 hours.[25]

The next known activity by RCMP concerning Lisa's case was 18 years later when the RCMP performed a search of the property where the first houseparty was located.[17] Police returned to the location at least two more times yet failed to locate Lisa's remains (which are located on the property at precisely 49.14502, -123.97504.


Our daughter was moving to a new apartment and starting a new job, and it's very much unlike her not to call
Nanaimo Daily News, July 4, 2002 (Paul Walton)[1]
It's very much unlike her not to call
Nanaimo Daily News, July 4, 2002 (Paul Walton)[1]
Efforts to call her cellphone since then have been met only with voice mail.
Nanaimo Daily News, July 4, 2002 (Paul Walton)[1]
she was supposed to move into a new apartment
Nanaimo Daily News, July 6, 2002 (Paul Walton)[10]
they were very close with their daughter, and it was unlike her to not be in touch
Nanaimo Daily News, July 9, 2002 (Paul Walton)[13]
"Sure enough it's Lisa on her cell phone", said Hulley at the time. "She goes 'Dallas, I don't know what's going on. This guy won't bring me back. We're sitting in a driveway on Bowen Road and he won't bring me back.' She says, 'I'm bored. I'm getting pissed off." Police believe Young met with foul play and are still investigating her disappearance. I want to bash my knuckles against the cement, Hulley said in 2002."
Dallas Hulley interview recorded August 2002.
CHEK News, Mar 26, 2018 (Kendall Hanson)[26] (video)
Lisa was to begin a new job
Nanaimo Daily News, July 10, 2002 (Paul Walton)[20]
maroon or red four-door Jaguar
Nanaimo Daily News, July 12, 2002 (Paul Walton)[14]
She had money in her bank account, which has not been touched, and had not used her cellular phone
Nanaimo Daily News, July 25, 2002 (Nelson Bennett)[15]
…about to move into a new apartment
Nanaimo Daily News, July 25, 2002 (Nelson Bennett)[15]
Neighbour reported seeing what looked like a body in a hammock and equipment moving soil around.
CHEK News, Dec 17, 2020 (Kendall Hanson)[17]
[Lisa] said she was having a bath and then going out.
Times Colonist, April 4, 2004 (Jim Gibson)[3]
...her father was to help her move into a new apartment the day she went missing
Times Colonist, April 4, 2004 (Jim Gibson)[3]
[pieced together the evening based on] what Lisa's friends told them and what they learned 2nd-hand from tapping into a network of cabbies and couriers.
Times Colonist, April 4, 2004 (Jim Gibson)[3]
she was poised to start a new job at a call centre
Calgary Herald, April 18, 2004 (Jim Gibson)[27]
The last signals from Lisa's cell phone were traced to the Departure Bay area of Nanaimo
Ha-Shilth-Sa, June 13, 2013[16]
She called every number in [Lisa's phone book]
Native Women's Association of Canada, May 1, 2015 (Allison Crowe)[28]
chilling last text message Come get me, they won't let me leave.
Toronto Star, August 6, 2016 (Verity Stevenson)[29]
Lisa was out celebrating a friends' birthday.Nanaimo Daily News, June 26, 2009 [30]


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