RCMP dossier: Key details about Lisa's outfit missing/wrong

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Important details about Lisa's outfit — which may play a part in the recovery of her remains — were omitted from the RCMP's official dossier.


clip from official RCMP dossier for Lisa Marie Young
Clipping from RCMP Dossier for Lisa Marie Young (Dec 2022)[1]
Dossier "Wearing or Features"
pre-2019 lists only Lisa's tattoo (no outfit details)[2]
2019 to 2022 "Shoes: Black"[3]
2022 to 2023 "Shoes: Black, Size 8"[1]

thigh-high boots
Black faux-leather zippered thigh-high boots, similar to the ones Lisa was wearing on the day of her disappearance
hoop link chain
Stainless steel hoop link chain similar to the one worn by Lisa on the day of her disappearance

These are all missing key information.

  • up to 2019, the document is missing Lisa's distinctive accessory:[2]
    • a chain made up of 3" stainless steel hoops (which she wore first as a necklace, later as a belt).[4][5][6]
  • An attempt was made to add the accessory to the dossier, but its description is confusing and inaccurate:[3]
    • "Silver, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Hoop necklace with medallion"
    • This lists 3 types of metal (should be "stainless steel"), and incorrectly states that it includes a medallion.
  • All versions of the dossier are missing the most noticeable part of Lisa's outfit: her black leather zip-up thigh-high boots.[2][3][1]
  • There were never any reports of Lisa wearing shoes and as such, it's odd that investigators would, in 2022, update this misinformation to also add a "shoe size". Her boots were very distinctive.[5]
  • It's unclear where investigators got the information about her shoes (or shoe size).
Lisa was wearing a black skirt, black top, black high boots and a silver hoop necklace
Ha‑Shilth‑Sa, May 15, 2012 (Denise Titian)[5]

Details matter

This is an example of how a seemingly insignificant detail could end up having an important role in resolving the case. It's apparent that minimal effort was put into ensuring the accuracy of Lisa's description within official documentation.

Those two details may conceivably play an important part in the recovery of Lisa's remains. The precise burial location is already known (49.14502, -123.97504) but the depth is unknown. However, a metal detector can be used during the excavation process to help determine the exact depth, due to the fact Lisa was buried with her metal chain accessory, and because of the long metal zippers on her thigh-high boots.[4][7]

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