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The Crime Stoppers re-enactment for Lisa's case incorrectly states that Lisa entered The Jungle with multiple friends. In actuality, Lisa entered the bar alone.


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In 2003, RCMP spokesman[1] Const. Jack Eubank claimed that Crime Stoppers no longer produced re‑enactment videos[2] — a statement which was later proven to be a blatant lie.[3] This is one of several false or misleading statements made by Eubank and other RCMP members regarding Lisa's disappearance.[4]

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Crime Stoppers 2009 re‑enactment video depicting Lisa's disappearance[5] (source)

In 2009 the re-enactment video was finally produced by Nanaimo & District Crime Stoppers with ShawTV[6], based on details provided by Nanaimo RCMP investigators.[3][5] Unfortunately, most of the information presented was wrong.[7]

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"…Lisa & her friends…" — clip from re‑enactment produced in 2009, based on largely-inaccurate details provided by RCMP. Animated GIF (Source)[5]

At 0m25s in the Crime Stoppers' re‑enactment video, narrator RCMP Cst. Gary O'Brien mistakenly (and ungrammatically) states, Shortly before midnight, her and her friends entered Club 241, formerly known as The Jungle, a popular nightclub located on Skinner Street.

The fact is, Lisa entered the bar alone,[8] and after the conversation with Adair.[9]

Lisa and Dallas arrived outside The Jungle shortly before midnight. Just as they arrived a group of Lisa's friends were leaving, so a conversation followed about how the bar wasn't as busy as they'd expected for the long weekend.[10]

An unknown male (later identified as Chris Adair) was standing nearby, overheard the conversation, and joined in. A few minutes later, the group of Lisa's friends left, and Adair invited Lisa to a party. When she initially declined, he also invited Dallas.[10]

Lisa hesitantly agreed but said she had to first go into the bar to visit with the rest of her friends. Adair insisted on waiting for her. Dallas stayed outside talking with Adair, and Lisa entered the bar, alone, around midnight. She was in the bar for nearly an hour before she finally agreed to leave. Lisa had told a friend that she didn't want to go to the party but now felt obligated because she'd made the guys wait so long.[10]

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The re-enactment video was produced based on information provided to Crime Stoppers by Nanaimo RCMP.[3]

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