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When Crime Stoppers produces re-enactment videos, the content is based exclusively on information provided by police investigators. In 2009, Nanaimo RCMP finally sent Crime Stoppers the information they needed to produce a re-enactment about Lisa's disappearance. Unfortunately, most of the information investigators provided was wrong.



Eighteen points inaccurately reported in Lisa's Crime Stoppers re-enactment
Information was provided to Crime Stoppers by Nanaimo RCMP[1]
# Time Error Correction
34 0m 19s "…Lisa was at various nightclubs…" The Jungle was the only club Lisa went to that night.[2] (This has never been disputed by anyone, including police, except for here.)
35 0m 25s "…Lisa & her friends entered…" Lisa entered the bar alone,[3] after the conversation with Adair.[4]
(Lisa's female friends left, and Dallas stayed outside with Adair.)[5]
36 0m 32s "…stayed until closing, left at 2:30…" Lisa and Dallas left The Jungle with Adair in the Jaguar at 1am.[3][4]
37 0m 38s "…after close, she talked with several friends…" The conversation outside took place upon Lisa's arrival at The Jungle.[5]
38 0m 41s "…Lisa's friend struck up a conversation…" Adair, who was standing nearby, overheard and joined the conversation.[5]
39 0m 45s
"…older model Red Jaguar…" The Jaguar was maroon, as reported by the media in numerous articles.[6] (The RCMP know this; they seized the car for forensic inspection.)[1]

40 0m 58s "…gladly accepted his offer…" Lisa declined the offer repeatedly before entering The Jungle, but was urged several times before (feeling obligated) finally agreeing to leave.[3][5]
41 1m 02s "…the 5 of them…" Only Lisa and Dallas went with Adair in the Jaguar.[3]
42 1m 07s "…Westwood Lake area…" The 2nd party was in the Cathers Lake area.[7] (There has never been any other mention of Westwood Lake other than here.)
43 1m 14s "…Lisa was hungry…" Adair offered to buy food for the group, if Lisa would come to help him with it.[5]
44 1m 35s "…last time anyone has ever seen Lisa…" Obviously Adair saw her (as he was driving the car she was in) as did others, later.
45 1m 41s "…reported missing several days later…" Joanne contacted RCMP less than 8 hours later.[8] (This is especially insulting to Lisa's parents: it took days for RCMP to take her disappearance seriously.)
46 1m 45s "…exhaustive search…by Nanaimo RCMP…" By the video's 2009 release date, RCMP had searched one location.[9]
47 2m 15s "…call Crime Stoppers…" The lead RCMP investigator has been specifically telling the public not to call Crime Stoppers.[3][10](Which is it, and Why?)
48 2m 20s "Missing since: June 30th, 2002" Lisa was last seen July 1st, 2002[2][3] (as stated at the beginning of the video).
49 0m 23s
Depiction of Lisa's outfit Lisa was wearing black leather thigh-high boots and a metal chain of silver hoops.[3] The chain is listed on the RCMP's dossier.[2] The chain & boots are both mentioned in several media articles.[11] (Both will be significant in recovery of her remains.)
50 0m 39s
Depiction of Adair Adair is inaccurately depicted as a "tough guy": muscular and wearing a tank top, but witnesses described him as "preppy".[9][12]

51 0m 45s
Depiction of Lisa's friends Lisa's friends are shown to consist of 3 males. In reality, other than Dallas, all of Lisa's friends were female.[3][5][9]

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