Re-enactment: "Lisa was at various nightclubs"

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The Crime Stoppers re-enactment video erroneously states "Lisa was at various nightclubs".


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In 2003, RCMP spokesman[1] Const. Jack Eubank claimed that Crime Stoppers no longer produced re‑enactment videos[2] — a statement which was later proven to be a blatant lie.[3] This is one of several false or misleading statements made by Eubank and other RCMP members regarding Lisa's disappearance.[4]

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Crime Stoppers 2009 re‑enactment video depicting Lisa's disappearance[5] (source)

In 2009 the re-enactment video was finally produced by Nanaimo & District Crime Stoppers with ShawTV[6], based on details provided by Nanaimo RCMP investigators.[3][5] Unfortunately, most of the information presented was wrong.[7]

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"…various nightclubs…" — clip from re‑enactment produced in 2009, based on largely-inaccurate details provided by RCMP. Animated GIF (Source)[5]

At 0m16s in the Crime Stoppers' re‑enactment video, narrator RCMP Cst. Gary O'Brien mistakenly states Lisa was socializing with friends at various nightclubs.

The fact is, The Jungle was the only club Lisa went to that night.[note 1][13] This has never been disputed by anyone, including police, nor was it reported anywhere except for in the re‑enactment.[14]

The re-enactment video was produced based on information provided to Crime Stoppers by Nanaimo RCMP.[3]

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  1. On June 30th 2002, Lisa left her parents' Barons Road apartment[8] around 11pm to return home (next door) take a bath, get dressed, and meet up with her friend Dallas Hulley before heading downtown together[9] in celebration of his 23rd birthday.[10] They arrived outside The Jungle Cabaret (241 Skinner Street) around 11:45pm.[11] At about midnight, Lisa entered the bar alone, where she visited with several friends for about an hour, before leaving with Dallas and Chris Adair in a Jaguar XJ40 shortly before 1:00am on Canada Day.[12] Lisa would not have had time to go to any other clubs.   (Learn more in our video → The Jungle: What actually happened)


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