Re-enactment: "last time anyone has ever seen Lisa"



The Crime Stoppers re-enactment video erroneously states, This is the last time anyone has ever seen Lisa Marie Young.


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In 2003, RCMP spokesman[1] Const. Jack Eubank claimed that Crime Stoppers no longer produced re‑enactment videos[2] — a statement which was later proven to be a blatant lie.[3] This is one of several false or misleading statements made by Eubank and other RCMP members regarding Lisa's disappearance.[4]

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Crime Stoppers 2009 re‑enactment video depicting Lisa's disappearance[5] (source)

In 2009 the re-enactment video was finally produced by Nanaimo & District Crime Stoppers with ShawTV[6], based on details provided by Nanaimo RCMP investigators.[3][5] Unfortunately, most of the information presented was wrong.[7]

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…last time anyone has ever seen Lisa… — clip from re‑enactment produced in 2009, based on largely-inaccurate details provided by RCMP. Animated GIF (Source)[5]

At 1m35s in the Crime Stoppers' re‑enactment video, narrator RCMP Cst. Gary O'Brien mistakenly states This is the last time anyone has ever seen Lisa Marie Young.

Obviously Adair saw her — as he was driving the car in which she was sitting when she left the party[8][9][10][11] — as did others, later.[12]

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The re-enactment video was produced based on information provided to Crime Stoppers by Nanaimo RCMP.[3]

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