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The Crime Stoppers re-enactment video misrepresents Lisa's outfit including the omission of key details relevant to recovery of her remains.


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In 2003, RCMP spokesman[1] Const. Jack Eubank claimed that Crime Stoppers no longer produced re‑enactment videos[2] — a statement which was later proven to be a blatant lie.[3] This is one of several false or misleading statements made by Eubank and other RCMP members regarding Lisa's disappearance.[4]

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Crime Stoppers 2009 re‑enactment video depicting Lisa's disappearance[5] (source)

In 2009 the re-enactment video was finally produced by Nanaimo & District Crime Stoppers with ShawTV[6], based on details provided by Nanaimo RCMP investigators.[3][5] Unfortunately, most of the information presented was wrong.[7]

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Meghan Wearne portraying Lisa Young
Actress Meghan Wearne portraying Lisa Marie Young for a Crime Stoppers re‑enactment[5]

Lisa dressed all in black:[8]

  • black tank top
  • black mini skirt
  • cropped black leather* jacket
  • small black purse
  • black leather* zip‑up thigh‑high boots
  • a chain "belt" accessory made up of 4‑inch silver‑coloured metal hoops

* possibly artificial leather.


Lisa's boots[8] featured prominent full-length zippers and were tall enough that the tops lined up with the hem of her skirt.[9] They were easily the most distinctive part of Lisa's outfit.[9]

The actress portraying Lisa in the re-enactment video wore calf‑high boots.[5]


Lisa also wore a "chain" accessory[8] made up of several silver-coloured metal hoops[9][10] (each about 4 inches diameter) which she wore first as a necklace, and later at The Jungle, she changed it to wear as a belt.[9]

The actress portraying Lisa in the re‑enactment video wore no necklace or belt.[5]

Significance to excavation

These inaccuracies may seem minor however they could play an important role in the recovery of Lisa's remains.

While Lisa's precise burial location is known to be 49.14502, -123.97504, the exact depth is unknown.[9][10]

Lisa was reportedly buried fully clothed.[10] The use of a metal detector during excavation may help determine the depth, due to the presence of the long metal boot zippers and the metal chain accessory.[11]

The re-enactment video was produced based on information provided to Crime Stoppers by Nanaimo RCMP.[3]

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