RCMP lied about planned searches for Lisa

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RCMP investigators have misled the public about how many searches were planned in relation to Lisa's disappearance.


RCMP investigators have made multiple statements that would imply that several more searches were ahead in relation to Lisa's "disappearance".

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There is more to this story, much of it available online with the lisamarieyoung.ca search page, or within Lisa's Wikipedia page, the 100's of media articles and dozens of privately-produced podcasts discussing Lisa's "disappearance".

In reality, Nanaimo RCMP have searched a total of 2 locations for Lisa.

  • The Biggs/Doumont area[1]
    • searched by RCMP on Sept 17, 2002 (between 9:30am and noon)[2]
    • Two months later Lisa's family re-searched the same area.[3]
  • Backyard of 827 Nanaimo Lakes Road
    1. Initial search on a day between Dec 1 - 15, 2002[4]
    2. Search with Ground Penetrating Radar and a police dog on Dec 16, 2002[4]
    3. Investigators later returned for an unpublicized third search (likely using a resistivity search method such as FPR)[5]


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