RCMP staffing issues prevented additional searches for Lisa

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Police told reporters that there were places they wanted to search for Lisa, but couldn't — due to staffing issues.


Hogg said they want to search another area north of the city, but have not been able to arrange the required number of officers
Nanaimo Daily News, Nov 4, 2002 (Paul Walton)[1]

RCMP stated they lacked the manpower necessary to perform searches they would like do in Lisa's case.[1][2]

[This article is self-contradictory in terms of whether or not they have any leads in the case.]

Internal RCMP issues

The operation of the Nanaimo RCMP has been criticized in the past, including by employees of the detachment.[3]

I know firsthand that members of Nanaimo RCMP detachment are at a loss as to the rationale behind these decisions, the anonymous RCMP source said. The closure of these units had a direct result with the increase of crime here. The increase in crime is not random and it is not out of the blue. It is a direct result of the closure of these units.

An audit produced by Nanaimo RCMP reported that 72% of people living in the downtown Nanaimo area say they feel unsafe.[4]

Historically, staffing issues are documented within the Nanaimo RCMP is documented at several points, at least as far back as 1987.[5]

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There is more to this story, much of it available online with the lisamarieyoung.ca search page, or within Lisa's Wikipedia page, the 100's of media articles and dozens of privately-produced podcasts discussing Lisa's "disappearance".


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