RCMP failed to check cellphone records

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RCMP investigators did not contact Lisa's cellphone provider to check for call activity or last known location. Lisa's parents had to contact the company and persuade them to disclose the information.


The last signals from Lisa's cell phone were traced to the Departure Bay area of Nanaimo
Ha-Shilth-Sa, June 13, 2013[1]
Departure Bay area of Nanaimo
Departure Bay area of Nanaimo
(Public domain stock photo)

When it was realized that RCMP investigators had not contacted Lisa's cellphone provider or bank, her parents had to contact both companies themselves, and persuade them to disclose information relevant to Lisa's disappearance.[1]

Her cellphone provider said that the final signal from Lisa's cellphone was received by their system on the morning of July 1st, from a tower in the Departure Bay area.[1] This indicates when, and roughly where, the phone was shut off or otherwise stopped functioning.

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